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Sonata of Regret+*~.0 Sonata of Regret+*~.0

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Oh, I hear what Vultyrex was talking about. Some of the notes that were occurring the same exact time as others around 2:30 that made it sound diminished and like a tritone.

Though, it sounds beautiful to me~! Sounds like some epically sad scene in an RPG or something, haha. Nice work!

Chronamut responds:

that was the goal! Sadness - I originally considered calling it "sonata of sadness" - but that sounded too cliche..

and yes the goal was a tritone with a combination of 3 separate melodies.. a mid bass melody, an arp melody, and the higher pitched main melody - the 8-bit version helps to show each as their own seperate melody while the piano kind of merges them all together into tritones.

Also Ive noticed some peopel just don't liek the little piano bit around 2:27 - but it is on key.

And yes I think near the end the combination of the bass chords and everything else together may be a bit too much for people hehe..

I guess in the end it all boils down to personal taste.

thanks for the review!


Deadmau5!? Deadmau5!?

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I kinda fell into a daze there... Sounds entrancing, and I don't even know what the reference is, but it's awesome. *O*

momboom1 responds:

Thanks boi :D

Paradise on E - Worlds Co Paradise on E - Worlds Co

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Wowz, when I heard the first bit, I was was flipped upside down. It sounds so epic listening to Paradise on E [Final?] first, then this. It sounds like everything is reversed, yet in the same sequence. xD I seriously don't know how to explain how I feel!

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Chronamut responds:

yes it is a fusion of his and mine - giving both mixes the attention they need - and then adding a THIRD - ohh the craziness :P

and yes it's important to have heard B0UNC3's first :P

thanks for the review!